Commercial Waterproofing Contractor

Weather can destroy your investment. Waterproofing is critical to preserving your investment and ensuring the integrity and beauty of your structure.

New Construction

We have earned the reputation as being a trusted and dependable specialty contractor.  Our goal is to deliver quality craftsmanship, with integrity and professionalism by paying close attention to detail, timelines, and the needs of those we serve.  

Building Restoration & Repairs

Protect your investment. Exterior restoration and repairs are critical for the longevity of your structure. Our restoration experts will provide the necessary guidance to help you through any project.



ACC Advanced Coating & Caulking, Inc has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the functionality, installation and performance of waterproofing, caulking and moisture protection systems for commercial & industrial construction projects. We are committed to providing a complete waterproofing system for your project & to ensure that it is done right the first time.

Sheet Applied Waterproofing

Sheet applied waterproofing is designed to provide waterproofing protection for foundation walls, slab and decks. The system consists of the self-adhering membrane, primer for surface preparation, a liquid membrane for detailing, mastic to seal termination points and drainage composites to protect the waterproofing system and provide water management.

Deck Coating Systems

Deck coating systems serve to protect the structure by waterproofing the concrete substrate while providing an attractive wearing surface. Deck coating systems meet the requirements of projects from condominium balconies to high traffic vehicular decks. The system consists of a durable, skid-resistant wearing surface and a waterproofing layer, which protects the above grade decks from the damaging effects of water and other penetrants.

Bentonite Waterproofing Systems

Bentonite waterproofing is a geotextile panel consisting of sodium bentonite clay encased between two layers of woven and nonwoven fabric. Because bentonite clay swells upon contact with water, it makes for a naturally powerful, self-sealing waterproofing material for below grade applications including: elevator pits, freestanding walls, under slabs, split slabs, and tunnels. In it’s hydrated state, bentonite clay is highly resistant to chemicals, has low permeability, and is self sealing when punctured or perpetrated.

Air & Vapor Barrier Systems

Air barriers are systems of materials designed and constructed to control airflow between a conditioned (indoor) space and an unconditioned (outdoor) space.

Air barriers can be adhesive, mechanically fastened, or fluid-applied membranes, insulated or non-insulating board stock, spray polyurethane foam, poured concrete, metal, glass, and a host of other materials.

However, all air barriers should be:

  • impermeable to air flow;
  • continuous over the entire enclosure or continuous over the enclosure of any given structure;
  • able to withstand the pressures that may act on them while under construction and after;
  • durable over the lifetime of the building.

Vapor barriers (or vapor retarders) are materials used to slow or reduce the movement of water vapor through a material. In a building assembly, vapor barrier is installed on the warm side of the insulation in a structure, as determined by climatic conditions. In warm climates, it will be installed on the exterior and in cold climates, it will be installed on the interior.

Much like air barriers, vapor barriers can be adhesive, mechanically fastened, or fluid-applied membranes, insulated or non-insulating board stock, spray polyurethane foam, poured concrete, metal, glass, and a host of other materials.

Caulking & Sealants

Structures, breath, shift and move throughout the years. Caulking and sealants Our experienced crews install state of the art silicone, urethane, preformed foam sealants and preformed silicone extrusion systems that are weatherproof and aesthetically enhance your building. In addition to new construction projects we can remove aged or failing caulk or sealants on existing buildings at any height or configuration.

Water Repellents

Water repellent is a clear, filmless, penetrating product for virtually all above grade, vertical concrete, stucco, block and brick masonry. The treatment does not alter the color or texture of the surface, nor significantly affect the vapor transmission qualities of the substrate. The solution penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts to create a powerful barrier against water penetration. This barrier is resistant to ultraviolet and weather deterioration; however, it is necessary to reapply on a maintenance schedule every five to ten years.